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NewPages Book Stand – October 2020

A new Book Stand is here with new and forthcoming books you can order from your local indie bookstore. This month, check out six featured titles, as well as our usual selection of titles in a variety of genres.

In Ken Janjigian’s A Cerebral Offer, Harry Gnostopolos is struggling to keep his indie theater afloat. The solution? Join a subversive cabal of thieves, who have planned a heist that will rewrite history.

Larry Smith’s Mingo Town & Memories is a vivid and revealing portrait of a town and a way of life in Mid-America.

Prompt Book by Barbara Henning includes three parts to help jumpstart your poetry and fiction.

Hafizah Geter’s The Sadness of Spirits provokes strong emotions, leaving the reader with hope and admiration as the characters are awakened to the nuance and possibility melancholy can bring.

In Some of the Times, Gina Myers builds on the same base of social consciousness in previous work, while also pushing in new directions.

“The world(s) of” Vanessa Roveto’s a women “plural, adjacent, playful, shrewd, and constantly unfolding. Roveto makes fluid use of prose form.”

You can learn more about each of these New & Noteworthy books at our websiteClick here to see how to place your book in our New & Noteworthy section.

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