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NewPages Book Stand – June 2021

Spend your summer enjoying new books and let our Book Stand help you find your next read. This month we feature six new and forthcoming titles.

Chris Haven’s debut poetry collection Bone Seeker celebrates the mystery of what we take into our lives and can’t let go.

Akosua Zimba Afiriyie-Hwedie’s Born in a Second Language is an exploration of African and female identity, navigating what it means to be in-between identities, languages and homes.

Eruptions of Inanna: Justice, Gender, and Erotic Power by Judy Grahn illuminates eight dramatic stories exploring the Mesopotamian goddess Inanna’s power and relevance for contemporary queer feminist audiences.

Please Plant This Book Coast to Coast by Susan Kay Anderson gives a voice to Virginia Brautigan Aste, spouse of Richard Brautigan for a decade.

A Poetics of the Press: Interviews with Poets, Printers, & Publishers edited by Kyle Schlesinger is the first collection of interviews with some of the pioneers working at the intersection of the artists book and experimental writing.

Miah Jeffra’s The Violence Almanac “is full of complex, flawed and wonderfully alive characters, written with empathy and honesty.”

You can learn more about each of these New & Noteworthy books at our websiteClick here to see how to place your book in our New & Noteworthy section.

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