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NewPages Book Stand – July 2020

This month’s Book Stand is now up at our website. We have five new featured titles, and plenty of new and forthcoming books to add to your to-read list.

The stories in Ancestry by Eileen O’Leary champion those who are tenacious in the face of life’s surprises.

Even As We Breathe by Annette Saunooke Clapsaddle follows nineteen-year-old Cowney Sequoyah as he navigates difficult social, cultural, and ethnic divides.

Far Villages: Welcome Essays for New and Beginner Poets is an anthology edited by Abayomi Animashaun and brings a number of established and emerging poets together to welcome new and beginner poets into the art and craft of poetry.

Deborah Jang’s Float True carries story and emotion via reflections on an immigrant family, history, metaphysical musings, and earthly perplexities.

The poems in T.R. Hummer’s In These States are haunted by precise and troubling questions: what, exactly is the condition of the body politic, and how does that condition affect us, both in large and small ways, in abstract and concrete symptoms, in dailiness and in eras?

You can learn more about each of these New & Noteworthy books at our website and find them at our our affiliate Bookshop.org. You can see how to place your book in our New & Noteworthy section here: https://npofficespace.com/classified-advertising/new-title-issue-ad-reservation/.

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