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NewPages Book Stand – February 2021

It’s that time again: a new Book Stand! Check out this month’s six featured titles, as well as other great new and forthcoming fiction, nonfiction, and poetry books.

Joe Taylor’s novel The Alleged Woman drops readers into Sumter County, Alabama where a woman’s car is found filled with ballots listing Joe Biden for President.

Set in the desert landscape of the México–U.S. border, Arsenal With Praise Song by Rodney Gómez yokes together lament and celebration, reproach and veneration across the borders of eras and nations.

Khalisa Rae’s poetry collection Ghost in a Black Girl’s Throat is a heart-wrenching reconciliation and confrontation of the living, breathing ghosts that awaken Black women each day.

The poems in Steve Henn’s Guilty Prayer speak to the reader as Henn’s poetic voice “shifts tones, moods, and paces seamlessly between pages and between lines.”

In Mother Body, Diamond Forde’s poems explore the trauma and agency held within a body defined by its potential to mother.

Young Blood by Sifiso Mzobe is a red-hot crime novel and a coming-of-age story, and it reveals the devastating violence and raw beauty of life in South Africa’s townships.

You can learn more about each of these New & Noteworthy books at our websiteClick here to see how to place your book in our New & Noteworthy section.

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