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NewPages Book Stand – February 2020

Book Stand - Feb 2020The February 2020 Book Stand is now up at NewPages! Visit for new and forthcoming titles in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, anthologies, and children’s/YA. Our New & Noteworthy section features work from six different presses month.

Diode Editions announces five forthcoming titles this spring: The Last Human Heart by Allison Joseph; Good Timing & Gertrude Stein: Inside Snoopy’s snout maggots feats upon my blood by Julia Cohen; Prismatics: Larry Levis & Contemporary American Poetry: Interviews from the Documentary Film A Late Style of Fire edited by Gregory Donovan and Michele Poulos; Wider Than the Sky from Nancy Chen Long; and The Minister of Disturbances from Zeeshan Khan Pathan. Visit our LitPak for more information.

The People’s Field by Haesong Kwon (Southeast Missouri University Press, October 2019), winner of the Cowles Poetry Prize, reflects on the sounds, ideas and histories of the Korean peninsula with attention to the Japanese occupation and the Korean War and its aftermath.

Juan Herrera invites readers to touch Connie Post’s Prime Meridian (Glass Lyre Press, January 2020) “in order to traverse the present age.”

River Teeth celebrates twenty years of publishing nonfiction with an anthology edited by founding editors Joe Mackall and Daniel W. Lehman (University of New Mexico Press, February 2020).

In Shining Man (Livingston Press, December 2019), Todd Dills “explodes themes of economic opportunity, identity and the individual’s place post-Great Recession in a politically polarized, culturally isolated, and class-stratified America.”

Debut collection A Small Thing to Want by Shuly Xóchitl Cawood (Press 53, May 2020) “chronicles the choices people make about whom to love and whom to let go, their yearnings that either bind them or set them free, and the surprising ways love shows up, without reason or restraint.”

You can learn more about each of these featured titles at our website, and find out how to place your book in our New & Noteworthy section here: https://npofficespace.com/classified-advertising/new-title-issue-ad-reservation/.

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