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New Book :: Zakiya’s Enduring Wounds

Zakiya's Enduring Wounds a Roosevelt High School Series fiction by Gloria L Valasquez published by Pinata Books book cover image

Zakiya’s Enduring Wounds
Roosevelt High School Series
Fiction by Gloria L. Velásquez
Piñata Books, September 2022

Zakiya, a sophomore at Roosevelt High School, has settled into the new school year. She loves her friends, the volleyball team and her dance class. There’s even a cute guy she has her eye on. But her world falls apart when her dad dies unexpectedly. Zakiya had a special relationship with her father and is completely devastated by his death. After the funeral, her friends and family try to console her, but Zakiya pushes them away. She just wants to be alone. She quits the volleyball team, shuts down the boy she once dreamed of dating and even skips school. When she experiences a frightening episode of anxiety, she discovers that cutting herself helps to relieve the pain. Will she ever learn how to deal with her grief and sense of loss?

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