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New Book :: A Night of Screams

A Night of Screams: Latino Horror Stories edited by Richard Z. Santos book cover image

A Night of Screams: Latino Horror Stories edited by Richard Z. Santos
Arte Público Press, June 2023

This riveting collection of horror stories—and four poems—contains a wide range of styles, themes, and authors. Creepy creatures roam the pages, including La Llorona and the Chupacabras in fresh takes on Latin American lore, as well as ghosts, zombies, and shadow selves. Migrants continue to pass through Rancho Altamira where Esteban’s family has lived for generations, but now there are two types: the living and the dead. A young man returns repeatedly to the scary portal down which his buddy disappeared. A woman is relieved to receive multiple calls from her cousin following Hurricane María in Puerto Rico, but she is stunned to later learn her prima died the first night of the storm! There’s plenty of blood and gore in some stories, while others are mysterious and suspenseful. Contributors include Ann Davila Cardinal, V. Castro, Ruben Degollado, Richie Narvaez, Lilliam Rivera, and Ivelisse Rodriguez.

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