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New Book :: How to Shoot a Tourist

How to Shoot a Tourist by Joseph D. Reich book cover image

How to Shoot a Tourist (With a Bow & Arrow) In a Hot-Air Balloon by Joseph D. Reich
Sagging Meniscus Press, April 2023

Joseph D. Reich’s 300-page, lyrical epic poem How to Shoot a Tourist (With a Bow & Arrow) in a Hot-Air Balloon contains surreal, confessional, stream-of-consciousness stanzas that run up and down the page in a desperate, fantastical rage. They are hypnotically interrupted by a recurring refrain from which they emerge and depart on wildly varied journeys: probing the nature, origins and psychological derivation of surrealism. Reich looks at persistent pain within and damage and devastation without in richly “ridiculous” images that are not only surreal but satirical and questioning, while also the best answer to the idiosyncratic machinations of authority. How to Shoot a Tourist is an exhaustive mythic encyclopedia of America and of Reich’s teeming inner world.

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