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New Book :: Highway 28 West

Highway 28 West by Joe Taylor book cover image

Highway 28 West by Joe Taylor
Sagging Meniscus Press, May 2023

Preacher is not a preacher, though death’s vicissitudes clamor around him in a disturbingly ecclesiastic manner. When he finds a pit bull puppy by the side of the road and gets a job at a boxing manufacturer, he declares his luck changed. One small-town cop has doubts: “It ain’t your luck needs changing, but the folks you meet.” And so it stands, as the sun and moon revolve in their tango—or is it a waltz?—and whisper to one another. Forever Director of Livingston Press, Joe Taylor’s seventh novel, with previous works revealing his mastery in a variety of forms, from comic novels-in-verse to a multiple view-point murder mystery/love story and more. Readers are always in for something new and different when reading Taylor’s work.

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