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The Meaning of Home

Guest Post by Christopher Woods

This year, perhaps like no year before, we are thinking about the concept of home. During the pandemic, most of us are spending much more time at home—in home offices, involved in remote teaching or learning, or simply in quarantine. Sadly, because of the economic collapse, many people are now homeless, and there will be more to follow. This year, more than ever, we are both consciously and subs-consciously considering the meaning and importance of home. We are thinking of safety and shelter. We have always been this way, but now it seems much more immediate and crucial, and even life-saving.

Dwelling by Scott Edward Anderson, delves deeply into this subject in the form of a book-length eco-poem. It began as a reaction to Martin Heidegger’s essay “Building Dwelling Thinking” and, in Anderson’s lyrical writing, took on a book-length life of its own. He asks questions such as “Do we carry home within?” Anderson’s poetic probing explores our place, not only inside a home, but in the larger world that is home to us all.

Ironically, many of us now have more time than ever to consider the concept of home, of refuge. Reading this book, I often stopped to look around the room, then out the window, considering the essential nature of everything. Readers might well find themselves doing the very same thing.

Dwelling: an ecopoem by Scott Edward Anderson. Shanti Arts Publishing, 2018.

Reviewer bio: Christopher Woods is a writer and photographer who lives in Texas. His photography book for writers, FROM VISION TO TEXT, is forthcoming from Propertius Press. https://www.instagram.com/dreamwood77019/

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