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Zyzzyva: Textimage in Review

The Spring 2009 issue of Zyzzyva offers readers a unique look at “textimage” with over 100 contributions in this single collection.

From the Editor’s Note:

“Digital screens mash up words and pictures and videos and sound and links (to everything). The printed page segregates elements, putting them into their linear, orthogonal, rightful places.

“In this issue, we explore the spectrum of textimage, instances in which text and image collide and collude on the page-from the artist playing with that basic literary unit, the letter, to the writer sketching and doodling in his notebook.

Our take is not scholarly, but deliberately ecumenical, using examples from our pages over the past quarter century…”

Read more from Howard Junker, as well as view several of the works from this issue on Zyzzyva.

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