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Writer Patches: Sterling journal

Sterling, a magazine we have just added to our complete guide to literary magazines, sends out its third issue with an attached patch. Meant to resemble the boy scout patches, the cover features patches for writers including “Rejection Letter,” “Keen Observer,” “Filled a Journal,” and my personal favorite, “Rhymed with Orange.” The editors says, “For the first printing, an actual iron-on embroidered patch was used for the wordmark. This 3″ square of awesomeness is well suited for denim, baseball caps, and framing.”

The issue features new poems, plays, and stories by Vincenzo Aliberti, David Bester, Michael Casteels, Channah Cohen, Armel Dagorn, Teresa Del Mastro, Simona Dragu, Tina Gagliardi, Channie Greenberg, John Grey, Stacey Lane, Joe Massingham, Steven Mayof, Daniel Perry, Jeannine Pitas, Kaye Spivey, and Hilary Trapp.

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