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Workers Write! Tales from the Combat Zone

The newest issue of Workers Write! is “Tales from the Combat Zone” featuring stories and poems from the soldier’s point of view. In his forward, Jim LaBounty, Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired) writes:

“We all have our stories. Many are hard to tell. Many are difficult to fathom – even when you are directly involved in them. Most are virtually impossible to explain to those who have never been there. War is not a mystery to mankind. We’ve been doing it forever. We write and sing of glories and leaders. These authors do the hard part. They write about the down and dirty of war. They write of the mundane. They write of the boredom. They write of the intensity. They write of the rules and regulations, the regimentation, the decision to follow orders, or not. They write of the craziness of it all…These stories are from many of our wars, but they really are not about war. This is about combat and the things it does to men and women faced with daily decisions that will allow them or their buddies to live or die.”

A full list of contents can be found here, as well as ordering information for this issue.

The next issue of Workers Write! is “Road Warriors: Tales from the Concrete Highway,” stories and poems from the driver’s point of view. Workers Write! is currently looking for fiction from “taxi cab drivers and chauffeurs, truck drivers, delivery drivers and couriers, forklift operators . . . anyone who uses a wheeled vehicle for work (even pit crews and stunt drivers).” The deadline for submissions is Dec. 21, 2012 (until the end of the world or the issue is full).

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