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WHR Tackles Literary Hybrid

The newest issue of Western Humanities Review (v64.2 – not yet posted on their website as of this blog post) features Hybrid/Collborative Work. Even the Editors’ Note, which addresses the topic “What is Hybrid Work?” is a “Collaborative on a Conversation about Hybridity.” In in, the editors discuss the history of hybrid work as a genre, set forth a working definition of hybrid as a literary form, and discuss the benefits of hybrid as an alternative to conventional forms. The editors’ also suggest moving away from rigid definitions of hybrid, which would allow us to “see hybrids everywhere, including critics’ discussion of ‘genre authenticity’ and “standards we have deemed ‘genre normative’.” An interesting and worthwhile editorial discussion for those interested in the issue of literary hybrids, and an volume of contributions to the discussion worth seeking out. If not for this, then definitely for the artwork by Kate MacDowell which graces the front and back covers as well as several pieces within.

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