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Wallace Meets Whitman

wallace stevens journalThe newest issue of The Wallace Stevens Journal (a publication of the Wallace Stevens Society) is themed: Wallace Stevens and Walt Whitman. Society Vice President Glen Macleod writes in his introductory essay: “When I first proposed an MLA roundtable discussion on Walt Whitman and Wallace Stevens, it seemed like a natural pairing. . . A panel on this topic might prompt some fresh perspectives on a well-established case of literary influence. The topic turned out to be more interesting and more controversial than I anticipated.”

Macleod introduces each of the following essays, excerpts of which can be read on the publication’s Project Muse page:

“A Prefatory Note on Whitman, Stevens, and the Poetics of Americana” by Tyler Hoffman
“Between Surface and Influence: Stevens, Whitman, and the Problem of Mediation” by Patrick Redding
“Whitman and Stevens: No Supreme Fiction” by Matt Miller
“Beach Boys: Stevens, Whitman, and Franco-American Modernism” by Lee M. Jenkins
“Whitman and Stevens: Certain Phenomena of Sound” by Roger Gilbert
And a questionnaire – in which Macleod and Journal Editor Bart Eeckhout ask Tony Sharpe of Lancaster University questions about Whitman and Stevens in the United Kingdom.

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