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Veterans Award

The Jeff Sharlet Memorial Award for Veterans, hosted by The Iowa Review and made possible by a donation from the family of Jeff Sharlet (1942-69), placed $1000 into the hands of Hugh Martin, winner for his poems “Foot Patrol,” “Intravenous,” “Nocturne with IED,” “Ares,” “Winter, Kurdistan,” “The Neck in Front of You,” “Test Fire,” “The Tunnel at Red Creek,” “Memorial Day,” “Lieutenant Graves at La Bourse,” and “Operation New Dawn.” All of these poems are included in the Spring 2013 issue of The Iowa Review, as are selected poems from finalists Cole Becher, Nathan Bradley, Terry Hertzler, Brock Michael Jones, O.A. Lindsey, Philip Tate, Jonathan Travelstead, S. Brady Tucker, Lindsey Waterman, and Michael White. The magazine thanks the judge, Robert Olen Butler, and the family for donating the prize money.

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