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Verso Live Jour- nal

versalAmsterdam-based Versal literary journal went on “intermission” last year, which Editor Megan Garr soundly defends does not mean the publication is dead. To the contrary, Versal is achieving goals they had set for their downtime (though selling out the back issues is still on the To Do List – which you all could help with!). In a bold step forward and away from their past, Versal has started a super cool new venture: Verso / live jour- nal which “renders the literary journal in live form.” Each curated edition will feature one editor and one writer, and a selection of artists and thinkers in various forms: interviews, essays, slideshows, film, sound, and more. Each live issue is themed and edited: 1.1 “Hold Your Tongue” ed. Megan Garr; 1.2 “A Good Road to Follow” ed. Daniel J. Cecil; 1.3 “Chain Gang” ed. Anna Arov; 1.4 “Bad Dog” ed. Jane Lewty. Such a cool idea, but no surprise coming from Versal!

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