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Tupelo & Crazyhorse ‘First Book’ Winner & Finalists

Tupelo Press is pleased to announce the results of this year’s 10th annual First Book Award. The editors of Tupelo Press and the literary journal Crazyhorse have selected the manuscript The Maturation of Man by Daniel Khalastchi of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The annual contest will open again in early 2010.

Finalists for the award:

Ari Banias of Brooklyn, New York
Laurie Capps of Austin, Texas
Brett Foster of Wheaton, Illinois
Christina Hutchins of Albany, California
Tanya Larkin of Somerville, Massachusetts
Dawn Lonsinger of Salt Lake City, Utah
Jynne Martin of Brooklyn, New York
Kathy Nilsson of Cambridge, Massachusetts
Addie Palin of Chicago, Illinois
Juliet Rodeman of Columbia, Missouri
Amanda Rachelle Warren of Aiken, South Carolina

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