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Tripwire Re-Launch & Translator Microgrants

Tripwire, a journal of poetics, was founded in 1998 by Yedda Morrison and David Buuck. Six issues were published between 1998-2002, with a special supplement published in September, 2004 for the RNC protests in New York.

Tripwire is being re-launched and is accepting submissions of essays (on contemporary writing, performance, and art), experiments in criticism, poetics statements and investigations, interviews, translations, black and white art work, long-form review essays (that consider several books or authors linked around central themes or questions), performance scores, etc.

Submissions should “engage or address” at least one of these “constellations,” each further described on the Tripwire website: PERFORMANCE/WRITING; CONCEPTUALISM AND IDENTITY; NARRATIVE/PROSE; WHAT IS POETICS?

Tripwire also has initiated “Microgrants for Translation,” a donation-based method of recognizing the important role of translators of contemporary avant-garde and experimental writing.

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