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The Southeast Review 2013 Contests

The Winter/Spring 2014 issue of The Southeast Review features the winners of the magazine’s 2013 contests:

World’s Best Short-Short Story Contest
judged by Robert Olen Butler

Kat Gonso, “A Pinch of Salt”

Shannon Beamon, “The Skeletons That Make Your Closet”
Kelsie Hahn, “What My Daughter Is Holding”
Alisha Karabinus, “Begin Again With Heat”
Julia LoFaso, “The Envoy”
Heather Michaels, “These External Manners of Lament”
Eliot Wilson, “Costco”, “The Homeowners Association”, “Match.Com: A Lovesong in Two Voices”, and “Uncle Frank Meets Charlton Heston”

SER Poetry Contest
judged by Erin Belieu

Elizabyth Hiscox, “Night Being the Consort of Chaos In Milton”

Honorable Mentions Selected by Erin Belieu:
Colette Gill, “Thoughts in a Russian Museum”
Elizabyth Hiscox, “Or What You Will”

Finalists Selected by the Editors of SER:
Rachel Contreni Flynn, “Gratitudes: Detasseling”
Jonathan Greenhause, “All Is Noise & Music”
Elizabyth Hiscox, “Cellular Physic”
Allan Peterson, “Lasting”
Christine Salvatore, “Betrayal”
Vivian Shipley, “No Gold Lamé for Me”
Kathryn Weld, “Seed Bed”

SER Narrative Nonfiction Contest
judged by Diane Roberts

Pamela Balluck, “Parts of a Chair”

Elizabeth McConaghy, “Little Gods”
Sam Shaber, “I Am 40”

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