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The Ne’er-Do-Well Does Well for Workers

Issue Number 3 of The Ne’er-Do-Well Literary Magazine focuses on Working-Class Stories, with new stories, essays, and comics from Willy Vlautin, Kevin Sampsell, Suzanne Burns, Gigi Little, Chris A. Bolton, Sheila Ashdown, Megan Zabel, Daniel Hall, Christina Mackin, Jill Holtz, and John Gifford.

From the editors: “If the phrase ‘working class’ conjures vintage images of lumberjacks and Rosie the Riveter [R.I.P.], it’s time to reboot your brain for the twenty-first century. This issue of working-class stories casts a fresh light on the absurdity, banality, and redemption of contemporary wage-slavery. Join us for a shift at the circus, the Outback Steakhouse, a Minnesota dairy farm, a Plaid Pantry convenience store, and more.”

Profits from the sale of this issue will be donated to the strike fund of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union.

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