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The Masters Review 2014 Shortlist

Congratulations to all writers that have made The Masters Review 2014 Shortlist which honors the top 2% of all stories reviewed. “At this time our guest judge, Lev Grossman, is reviewing stories and will select the top ten to be published in our anthology,” write the editors of The Masters Review. The final announcement will be made no later than May 15.

“Fisherman’s Band-Aid” – Alexander Papoulias
“Lynx” – Alice Otto
“Bury Me” – Allegra Hyde
“Braids” – Amanda Pauley
“Finders Keepers” – Andrew Cothren
“The Turk” – Andrew MacDonald
“Picketers” – Blake Kimzey
“Cleaning Lessons” – Cannon Roberts
“Every Thing You Never Said” – Courtney Kersten
“Someone Else” – Diana Xin
“The Behemoth” – Drew Ciccolo
“Go Down, Diller” – Eric Howerton
“Whit Vickers, The Pitcher Who Lost His Stuff” – Ezra Carlsen
“Objects in Transit” – Heather Dundas
“We Welcome All Sorts” – Heather Lefebvre
“Moonshot, 2003” – Jake Wolff
“Magicicada” – Jeffrey Otte
“County Maps” – Joe Worthen
“Tiny Little Teeth” – Justine McNulty
“dissolving newspaper, fermenting leaves” – Kiik AK
“Parade” – Laura Willwerth
“Lullwater” – Lena Valencia
“Strange Trajectories” – Lindsay D’Andrea
“Rivers” – Liz Knight
“Contrition” – Mallory McMahon
“Custody” – Maya Perez
“Electronic Heads” – Meng Jin
“Birmingham Goddam” – Scott Latta
“OpFor (Oppositional Force)” – Shane Collins
“Allure of The Sea” – Tatyana Kagamas

To see this list and the honorable mentions, please click here.

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