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The End Is Nigh Contest Winners

Carolina Quarterly Winter 2014 issue features the winners of their “End Is Nigh” contest, in which the editors asked for “dispatches about anxious endings, anticipated apocalypses, doomsday prepping, or getting right with God and family before it all comes crashing down.” The pool of entries was so strong, contest Judge Jim Shepard selected two winners ($575 each + publication) and two runners up ($150 each + publication).

Grand Prize Winners
“When Trains Fall From Space” by Ian Bassingthwaighte
“Cold Snap” by Robin McLean

Runners Up
“Blood by Blood” by Dominic Russ-Combs
“A Brief Chronicle of Jeff and His Role in What is Colloquially Known as ‘The End of Civilization'” by Caitlin Campbell

The magazine originally announced that the winners and runners up would be published in separate issues, but all four appear in this issue (volume 64.2) along with commentary from Shepard on his selection, which can also be read here in the original announcement.

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