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SubTerrain Eating Meat & Lush Triumphant

subterrainIssue #69 of SubTerrain: Strong Words for a Polite Nation is the result of a call for submissions on the theme of Meat – animal flesh that is eaten for food. Editor Brian Kaufman opens with his editorial “Conflicted, in Carnivore Land,” in which he writes that wading “into the thorny debate on meat consumption” was not intended. Still, he understands there may be just such perceptions with consequences: “While this issue is not intended to be a celebration of meat consumption so much as an exploration into our relationship with meat, we leave ourselves open to the flood of responses from the vegetarians and vegans – please send your letters in!”

This issue also includes winning entries from the 2014 Lush Triumphant Literary Awards:

Winner: Vickie Weaver (Hagerstown, IN) for “Suggestion”

Winner: Matt Whiteman (Vancouver, BC) for “Do Good, You Go”

Creative Non-fiction
Winner: George Ilsley (Vancouver, BC) for “Storytelling”

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