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Stunning Covers :: J&L Illustrated

While I see many beautiful publications that come through NewPages, occasionally there is still a lit mag or book cover that I find ‘stunning’ enough to post on the blog. This time around, the stunning visual appeal is one that extends beyond the cover. J&L Illustrated introduced itself to us with issue #3 – which comes not only with a florescent orange and black cover, but florescent orange on the page edges all the way around (thankfully NOT on the text pages themselves throughout, which are instead a high quality black and white offset).

From the looks of the previous issues of J&L Illustrated, this colored edge is a signature of their publication, and one I find highly unique and eye-catching. Add to that the 5×7 format with 256 pages, and this mag has a nice, light ‘chunky’ feel that’s easy to tote, grab, and – thanks to the coloration – find in any bag or stack.

As for the content itself, this issue, edited by Paul Maliszewski, features drawings by Shoboshobo and 13 short stories by authors Amie Barrodale, Scott Bradfield, Stephen Dixon, Steve Featherstone, William H. Gass, Michael Martone, Joseph McElroy, Elizabeth Miller, Robert Nedelkoff, Hasanthikia Sirisena, Steve Stern, Mike Topp and Xiaoda Xiao.

Welcome to NewPages J&L Illustrated – nice to meet you!

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