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Structo: Faber New Poets

structoStructo Editor Euan Monaghan starts the newest issue commenting on the work of editing a literary magazine, “. . . not always fun and games. Sometimes, when I’ve had enough of chasing invoices or wrestling software, I pull up on screen something that we are about to publish: a piece of writing so new that it’s not yet been committed to paper. Something only a few people have seen. And the excitement returns. I remember why I’m doing this – it’s because I want to share this feeling of excitement with the whole world. The writing we publish is really good.”

In addition to their own “really good” selections, the UK-based Structo has been invited by Faber & Faber and Arts Council English to publish one poem from each of the 2013-2014 Faber New Poet Award Winners. The Faber Poets receive mentoring, financial support, and a debut pamphlet published by Faber & Faber. The poets are Declan Ryan, Zaffar Kunial, Rachael Allen, and Structo‘s own Will Burns. Burns also talks with Kunial and includes the interview in this issue.

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