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Structo Atwood Interview & More

Structo12coverPlainThe most recent issue of Structo features an interview with Margaret Atwood that took place in London after she gave the annual Sebald Lecture at the British Library. Interviewer Euan Monaghan follows up on the talk, entitled “Atwood in Translationland,” in which Atwood spoke on the “many kinds of translations” she has lived through in her life as well as her work creating a challenge for translators. Atwood and Monaghan also discuss play writing, the use of genre labels on Atwood’s writing (touching on LeGuin, Bruce Sterling, and slipstream), and of course, the process of writing. Twenty pages in all, this interview is no light fare.

Structo specializes in the true, conversation interview, and three months after publication, makes the interviews available on their web site. There now you can find interviews with Richard Adams, Iain Banks, David Constantine, Lindsey Davis, Stella Duffy, Steven Hall, Inez Lynn & Aimée Heuzenroeder, Ian R. MacLeod, Chris Meade, Kim Stanley Robinson, Sarah Thomas, Katie Waldegrave, and Evie Wyld.

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