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Staff Changes at Under the Gum Tree

Under the Gum Tree has been making some changes to their staff. Six months ago, assistant editors Kathryn DeJarnette and Becca Litman joined the team. Robin Martin became senior editor. Now, Aimee Steffen Taber is taking Natana Prudhomme’s place as designer. Prudhomme helped launch the magazine in 2011 and designed the logo and page layout. “I can’t tell you how lucky I was to find Natana (and would you believe it was all thanks to a Craigslist ad?),” Editor Janna Marlies Maron writes, “seriously, Under the Gum Tree would not be the gorgeous magazine that it is without Natana. When we started working together, all I had was the title and an idea and Natana executed that idea more beautifully than I could have imagined. As sad as I was to see Natana go, I was so honored to have worked with her for two years and am excited to see her pursuing her goals as an artist.”

There has also been a transition in the editorial interns. Janna thanks Elizabeth Kroll for her contributions with the newsletter and social media and welcomes aboard the new intern, Katie Walker. You can read more here.

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