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SRPR Editors’ Prize Winners

SRPR (Spoon River Poetry Review) puts out the Winter 2012 issue with the winning selections from the 2012 Editors’ Prize. The judge, David Baker, writes that the winning poem is “both of subtle depth and overt wit, managing the difficult combination admirably throughout its forty-five lines.”

First Place
William Stobb: “A Moment for Authentic Shine”

Sarah Sousa: “The way you don’t have to see”

Honorable Mention
Aviva Englander Cristy: “The Accuracy of String and Measure”
Anna Marie Craighead-Kintis: “Honky”
Veronica Patterson: “The Etymology of Intersect”

The issue also showcases new work by the featured poet, Linda Gregerson, followed by an interview with her. Other contributors include Michele Battiste, Joanna Cattonar, Stephen Massimilla, Gabriel Gudding, Jack Collom, John Fenlon Hogan, Jennifer Militello, Laynie Browne, Gabriel Welsch, Jonathan Skinner, Tyler Mills, Cynthia Cruz, and more.

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