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Southeast Review Contests

The Southeast Review‘s current issue (Volume 31, Number 1) features the winners of the 2012 contests:

World’s Best Short-Short Story Contest
judged by Robert Olen Butler


Hal Ackerman, “Belle and Melinda”

Heidi Bell, “Haunted”
Stace Budzko, “Why We Will Always Love You, Vera Knightville”
Michelle Dove, “Intruders”
Sandra Jensen, “Fault Lines”
Kat Gonso, “Capture the Flag”
Rochelle Hurt, “Impossible Child”
Sam Paradise, “At The Liberty Motor Inn Motel”
Chris Tusa, “Mean Blood” and “Neighborhood Association”

SER Poetry Contest

judged by James Kimbrell


Noel Crook, “Crows”

Johleen Adena, “I Will Stop Loving You When This War Ends”
Barrett Warner, “Ammo Domini”
John Lander, “A Place to Hide My Crumbs”
Emily Pulfer-Terino , “What Will Never Be” and “The Familiar”
Benjamin Goldberg, “Busted Mirror of Everything Under the Sun”
Les Gottesman, “My Twentieth Century” and “Tremble”
Mark Wagenaar, “A Gospel of Hands & Breath”

SER Narrative Nonfiction Contest

judged by Jennine Capó Crucet

Ruth Moose, “A Key As Big As My Hand”

JLSchneider, “The Glass Wall”
Kelly Sundberg, “Snow. Angel. Ghost

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