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Southeast Review Contest Winners

Published at Florida State University, the most recent issue of The Southeast Review ( v29 n1) includes winners and finalists from their 2010 contests:

World’s Best Short Short Story Contest judged by Robert Olen Butler

Winner: Betsy Denson, “Rest” and “Motion”
(Note: In what TSR considers a “rare” event, all three of Denson’s submissions were selected as winning stories!)

Mical Darley, “Bruce Ismay Commentates the Winter Olympics, St. Mortiz, 1928”
Betsy Denson, “Impact”
Jen Fawkes, “Dear Ahab”
M.J. Fievre, “On the Balcony”
Amina Gautier, “Prone”
Kim Henderson, “The Carousel”
Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich, “A Clean-Shaven Man”
Rebecca J. Schmuck, “There Are No Philosophers Anymore”

SER Poetry Contest judged by Barbara Hamby

Winner: Rebecca Hoogs, “Miss Scarlet”

Chuck Carlise, “Street Ghazal”
Alicia Case, “Inversion”
Chad Faries, “Fracture: Of Flying”
Dion Farquhar, “Legacy”
Gabor Gyukics, “Forge or Subdue”
Rebecca Lauren, “Eschatology”
Ellen LaFlèche, “Midwife Man”
Jeanne Wagner, “Kentucky is the Saddest State”
Diana Woodcock, “Counting Desert Birds”

SER Narrative Nonfiction Contest judged by Julianna Baggott

Winner: Deborah Thompson, “See Monkey Dance, Make Good Photo”

Lisa K. Buchanan, “Sixty-Seven Reasons to Answer the Door on Saturday at 6:03 a.m.”
Caitlin Leffel, “Hope for Dead Letters”

The Southeast Review 2011 contests are open until March 15.

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