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Southeast Review Contest Winners Issue

You can read the winners and finalists from The Southeast Review 2011 contests, listed below, in the newest issue (winter/spring, Volume 30.1):

World’s Best Short-Short Story Contest judged by Robert Olen Butler

Winner: Kim Henderson, “A Burnside Park Sunburn”

Jen Fawkes, “Chrysalis” and “Hobbled”
Thomas Israel Hopkins, “The Coat My Mother Gave Me”
Elizabeth Long, “Trip Talk”
Nancy Ludmerer, “Ecosystem”
Steve Mitchell, “Flare” and “Watching the Door”
Niloo Sarabi, “Abba”
Jeannine Dorian Vesser, “Summer Vacation”

SER Poetry Contest judged by David Kirby

Winner: Francine Witte, “Wolf Logic”

Samuel Amadon, “Evergreen Avenue”
Kevin Coll, “Buddhist”
Deborah Flanagan, “Casanova: On Flight”
Melanie Graham, “Blood Words”
Kiki Vera Johnson, “The Excavation”
Rebecca Lauren, “The Year of Fires”
Greg Weiss, “The May or May Not Blues” and “The Mississippi Scheme”
Kathleen Winter, “Jellyfish Elvis”

SER Narrative Nonfiction Contest judged by Mark Winegardner

Winner: Jacob M. Appel, “Livery”

Carol J. Clouse, “The Luck We Spent”
Barbara W. Sands, “Safe in the Arms of Elvis”

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