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South Loop Review Winning Essay

The South Loop Review‘s newest issue features the winning essay for the 2012 contest, judged by Ander Monson. The winner is Shawn Fawson for “Belongings of.” Here’s how it starts:

“I’m the one kids come to at the airport or grocery store and say, I’m lost. Usually it starts with a tug on my skirt followed by a tiny voice going shrill, I can’t find my mommy. Those first milliseconds I freeze and think, Hey kid, do I look like I know where your mommy is? Then I say and do what anyone would. You always do. You want lost people to be found, a Daddy and Mama to be laughing, a reunion that ends happily…”

Also featured is the wining essay from the 2012 Student Essay Contest, judged by the editors. The essay is titled “Home Sweet Home Sweet Home” by Deb Durham.

Other contributors include Jodi Adams, Doyle Armbrust, Pamela Baker, Tim Bascom, Andrew Breen, Deb Durham, Tom Montgomery Fate, Geri Gale, Theo Greenblatt, Jessica McCaughey, Adriana Paramo, Marc Perlish, Jill Talbot, Thao Thai, Cameron Walker, and more.

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