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Some Agni Bits

Agni has long been providing exclusive online content, unique and separate from the print publication, with the content of each carefully selected for the delivery mechanism. The newest print issue of Agni (69) indeed offers something not only unique to print, but wholly unique to Agni among literary magazines: an exceptionally well reproduced, two-sided, trifold foldout of the collage “Where Were You When the Moon Was Full” by Aldwyth. This is in addition to several other color and black and white images to accompany Rosamond Purcell’s art feature on Aldwyth, “In Her Hand: The Art World Goes to War.”

Also included in this issue, the Editor’s Note by Sven Birkerts, “What Remains,” honors the lives of David Foster Wallace and John Updike through a thoughtful remembrance of their writing. As only Birkerts can, these comments truly honor without gushing, and say a great deal more about the place of writers in our memories. Worth a read regardless of your fan status with either author.

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