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Sinister Wisdom 40th Anniversary Poster

sinister-wisdom-posterTo celebrate its upcoming 40th anniversary, Sinister Wisdom is offering a commemorative poster to donors. Sinister Wisdom is the multicultural lesbian literary and art journal founded in 1976 with Editors Harriet Ellenberger (aka Desmoines) and Catherine Nicholson. The poster reads, “We needed more to read on, feed on, more writing to satisfy our greedy maws.”

Current Editor Julie R. Enszer writes in the recent issue’s introduction: “When I first started as an editor of Sinister Wisdom, my sole focus was on keeping Sinister Wisdom alive. I wanted the journal to survive; I wanted the journal to live to carry the dreams and ideas of lesbians into the future. Today, almost five years later, I still am aware of the precarious nature of all lesbian-feminist projects (I do not think that we can ever believe our work and our institutions will last forever, that we can ever become complacent about the things that we value), but I feel more assured about the journal’s survival and about my role as editor.”

I couldn’t agree with Enszer more – that we need to stay actively engaged in those things we value. Supporting Sinister Wisdom through subscription and/or donation for the poster is a step away from that complacency. For forty years past and many more in the future.

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