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Share! via BookMooch

Founded by John Buckman, BookMooch is an online community for exchanging used books. You give a book and earn points, then use your points to get books you want from someone else on BookMooch. There’s no cost to join; you are responsible for paying the postage when you mail your books to someone else, but that’s it. BookMooch might make some money from users who click over to Amazon to buy books, but other than that, it’s yet another labor of love. You can donate points to charities – and there’s a long list of them – lots of prison outreach programs, which is great to see. You can also request to have a charity listed with them. International exchanges are also welcome. There’s lots more to it, and lots more info on the site (including statistics, which indicate that there have been nearly a million books mooched in the past year!).

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