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Self-Published Book Award Winners

The Anderbo 2012 Self-Published Book Award brought in close to 100 entries. The winner is Robert Flatt of Houston, Texas for his nonfiction book Rice’s Owls. He received a $500 cash prize

Self-Published Book Award Winner
Robert Flatt of Houston, Texas, for the nonfiction book Rice’s Owls

Top Finalist Book

Vignettes & Postcards: Writings from The Evening Writing Workshop at Shakespeare and Company Bookstore, Paris, Fall 2011, Edited by Erin Byrne and Anna Pook

Two Top Memoirs
Albert Flynn DeSilver of Woodacre, California for the memoir Beamish Boy
Alan Boreham (North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), Peter Jinks (Sydney, Australia), and Bob Rossiter (Pyatt, Arkansas) for the memoir
Beer in the Bilges: Sailing Adventures in the South Pacific

Three Top Novel Entries
Shari A. Brady of Vernon Hills, Illinois, for the novel Wish I could Have Said Goodbye
Laine Cunningham of Hillsborough, North Carolina, for the novel Message Stick
Shannon Hamann, of Brooklyn, New York, for the novel Brad Pitt Won’t Leave Me Alone

View the full contest results here.

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