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Seattle Review & “The Long View”

With Volume 4 Number 1 2011, The Seattle Review has changed over in both format and content. Editor Andrew Feld writes: “Starting with this issue, we will publish, and only publish, long poems, novellas, and long essays. Instead of the standard journal format, where the table of contents lists twenty or thirty poets, with two or three poems by each one, and a few short stories and.or essays, each issue of The Seattle Review will feature five or six poets, and one or two prose writers. We are even willing, if we find work which offers the interest and delight to warrant it, to devote an entire issue to one author.”

Feld notes this is a gamble in both finding content and readership, but is also confident the first issue will establish this new place for both.

This first newly formatted issue features works by Bruce Beasley, Martha Collins, Cyrus console, Nicole Cuddeback, Robert Fernandez, David Hawkins, Lee Sharkey, Andy Stallings, Brian Teare, and Paige Even Chant.

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