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SCR “Virtual” Themed Issues Library

From the SCR website: Occasionally The South Carolina Review will publish an issue devoted in large part to a particular theme. Examples in the past have included Virginia Woolf International (vol. 29.1), Ireland in the Arts and Humanities (vol. 32.1), and James Dickey Revisited (vol. 37.2).

Such themes, however, often transcend the boundaries of any particular issue of The South Carolina Review: the idea for a themed issue may grow out of past submissions, and the themed issue itself can elicit writings in response years down the line. In addition, the publication of a themed issue often generates other projects for the Press. (The Virginia Woolf International issue, for example, led to a series of Woolf conference proceedings volumes, among other publications.)

The virtual “Themed Issues” in the South Carolina Review On-Line Library therefore expand considerably upon their original, paper-and-ink counterparts. Not only do they include articles and other writings from past issues of The South Carolina Review, but they also incorporate other relevant CUDP publications as well as links to related online resources. Be sure to check back periodically, as new content is added as it becomes available.

The following virtual themed issues are currently available:

* Virginia Woolf International
* Ireland in the Arts and Humanities
* James Dickey Revisited

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