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Room’s 2012 Contest Winners

Volume 62 Number 2 of Room features the winners of the 2012 annual writing contest. The judges were Cathleen With (fiction), Miranda Pearson (poetry), and Kathy Page (creative non-fiction). And you can read the honorable mention pieces on the Room website.

1st Place: “Skin” by Menaka Raman-Wilms
2nd Place: “Hoax” by Kate Foster
Honourable Mention: “Miles To Inches” by Lynda Schroeders

1st Place: “Wilhelm Roentgen (X-rays, 1895)” by Kelly Cooper
2nd Place: “Early Detection” by Annathea (Tia) McLennan
Honourable Mention: “Lying In Bed In The Morning” by Gillian Wallace

Creative Nonfiction
1st Place: “Marking Time With Murakami” by Alison Frost
2nd Place: “Words” by Marion Agnew
Honourable Mention: “Loving Benjamin” by Gail Marlene Schwartz

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