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Remembering James Foley

james-foleyMeat for Tea editor Elizabeth MacDuffie has dedicated the opening pages of the most recent issue (v8 n3) in memory of Jim Foley.

MacDuffe writes, “I remember him thusly: Jim came into the [UMass] grad English program a few years after I did. He was in the MFA program and I was in the Ph.D. program, but his was a pleasant presence in the hallways, and we discussed lesson plans and teaching ideas on a number of occasions. I knew him to be a thoughtful, caring, teacher and a smiling, kind, person. I was more of a friend of friend to him . . . Still, I knew him well enough to admire his courageous actions and to be devastated by his violent, untimely death. I can only imagine the pain his family is enduring and I humbly hope that giving them an issue of the magazine celebrating the man he was helps ease their pain in some small way.”

Writers contributing to the memorial include Molly Crabapple, Samantha Wood, Cathy K. Schlund-Vials, Connolly Ryan Tracy Cummings, Tom Kealey, and Kristin Bock.

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