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RATTLE Tribute to Buddhist Poets

RATTLE Winter 2011 highlights the work of 30 contemporary Buddhist poets. As Dick Allen writes in his introduction, Buddhism “is not a glimpse or gaze but an immersion. There’s no glass, no other side.” Informed by years of studying human experience from their unique perspectives, these poets have much to offer Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. Additionally, in the conversations section, Alan Fox speaks with M.L. Liebler and Buddhist poet Chase Twichell.

Authors featured in the tribute include Dick Allen, Li Bai, Pam Herbert Barger, Karen Benke, John Brehm, Toni Cameron, Louisa Diodato, Teresa Chuc Dowell, Jeffrey Franklin, Robert Funge, Gary Gach, Dan Gerber, Sam Hamill, Gail Hanlon, Lola Haskins, Donna Henderson, Yang Jian, Bo Juyi, Alison Luterman, Paul Pedroza, Peg Quinn, Diana M. Raab, Richard Schiffman, Jinen Jason Shulman, Sarah Pemberton Strong, Anne Swannell, Robert Tremmel, Tony Trigilio, Chase Twichell, and Jack Vian.

[Cover art by Toni Cameron.]

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