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Ramifications of War

bellevue-literary-reviewBellevue Literary Review “a journal of humanity and human experience” published by the NYU Longone Medical Center takes on challenging issues with each publication, some specifically themed, as is the most recent issue: “Embattled: The Ramifications of War.”

Fiction Editor Suzanne McConnell writes in the Foreword: “War stories are not only the stories of soldiers and combat, although these are plentiful. Our intention with this issue of the Bellevue Literary Review is to encompass work about a broad spectrum of people affected by war in a myriad of ways, in many places and times. Together, we hope they afford some sense of overview and invite thoughtful considerations of war, and especially – as the title of our theme suggests – its ramifications. … The history of war may be largely written by the victors, but the ramifications of war know no such bounds.”

Read more about the authors and works included here.

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