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Prism Review Fiction and Poetry Prize Winners

This year’s winners of the Prism Review prizes in fiction and poetry are Mary Ann Davis for her poem, “From the Sublunary Year” and Becky Margolis for her story, “Weatherization.”

Poetry judge Craig Santos Perez says the winning poem “manages to weave lyricism, abstraction, narrative, image, symbolism, formal experimentation, character, and deep emotion into a haunting poetic experience. It’s a heartbreaking attempt to ‘fill the silence of illness.'”

Fiction judge Lucy Corin says of “Weatherization,” “There’s something to the flattened tone that suggests something quite gutsy about the issues the story takes up about violence . . . . In the end, what I ask of a story is that it really push itself beyond its initiating premise, that the issues it raises be taken up with as much complexity as possible, evading every easy answer, every self-satisfaction.”

Both winners receive $250 and they will appear in the forthcoming issue of Prism Review, to be published this spring.

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