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Prism Review 2014 Contest Winners

Prism Review has announced the winners for their 2014 Contests in poetry (judged by Nathan Hoks) and fiction (judged by Scott Nadelson):

Poetry Winner
Anna Soteria Morrison: “[Flight Fable]”

Fiction Winner
Rob Schultz: “The Evaluation of Echoes”

“The eroticism of ‘[Flight Fable]’ enacts a series of birds that hunt, feed, dance, and flaunt their necks,” writes Hoks. “Amid all this avian fluttering and flight, the poem dwells in the charged, conflicted space between desire and action. It is a lovely, strange poem by a poet whose imaginative ears and eyes transform language into an ornithological and amorous event.”

Nadelson writes that “’The Evaluation of Echoes’ stands out for the way it captures both a specific cultural moment and a character’s internal landscape, showing us an AM radio man’s world on the cusp of change—collapsing or blooming into something new we don’t yet know. DJ Noland is a fascinating figure, both jaded and full of wonder, and that the unpredicted snowstorm can be at once comic and magical is testament to the writer’s skill. What I admire above all, though, is the dazzling language…”

Both pieces will appear in issue 16, due out in June.

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