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Teachers! Print the Online Lit Mag & Chapbook

artcardLike most Englishy folk, I love to read in print. But I also love the ease and accessibility of reading online lit mags. The 2River View is a good example of how these two worlds can meet. They offer all content online, both their lit mag issues and their chapbooks, but they also have free press-ready PDF downloads of these. This is great for both personal use, but as a teacher, I’m always on the lookout for free resources to use with students. Here’s both a great free poetry lit mag and a full backlist of poetry chapbooks to use in the classroom. And then there’s the poetry/art cards (Kip Knott, 2009 pictured). Gorgeous. And did I mention the audio of poets reading their works? Really, if you teach and want to get students hooked on poetry, I can’t imagine a better resource.

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