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Pre-order Anobium

Anobium: Volume 1 (Summer 2011) is available for pre-order price of $9.99 – which includes shipping and other “random goodies” – until July 31. After that, the price is $12. Anobium will be 84pp. of new writing from Laura Carter, Jennifer L. Collins, William Doreski, Eric Evans, Ricky Garni, Jonathan Greenhause, Luke Irwin, Rich Ives, Eddie Jones, J.S. MacLean, Claire McCurdy, Bethany Minton, Thomas Mundt, Ben Nardolilli, James Payne, Stephanie Plenner, Graham Tugwell, Meredith Turits, and Susan Yount. It also features a new story and a never-before-seen interview with Chicago’s Joe Meno. The volume also features new art from Anobium’s resident illustrator, Jacob van Loon.

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