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Pongo Poetry Prize Winner & Teaching Resources

The Pongo Poetry Prize is presented quarterly to a poem by a youth that is submitted on the Pongo web site. The prize winner also receives a $50 award. An archive of the winning poems and honorable mention awards can be found here.

“Where I Come From” was selected as the winning poem for August and can be read in full along with the honorable mention award poems on the Pongo Project Blog.

The Pongo web site has a writing activity on the theme of “Where I Come From” that can be used by teachers in the classroom or facilitators of writing groups.

The Pongo Teen Writing Project mentors personal poetry by teens who’ve suffered childhood traumas, such as abuse and neglect. The writers work with youth inside jails, shelters, psychiatric hospitals, and other sites. They help youth worldwide through the interactive writing activities on our web site. Their primary purpose is to help our authors understand their feelings, build self-esteem, and take better control of their lives.

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