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Poetry is Everywhere

The Found Poetry Project was conceived by Timothy Green and Megan O’Reilly Green back in 2005 and launched December 2008. The intention of The Found Poetry Project is “to raise awareness of the poetry that appears anywhere we choose to look.” To that end, the editors have established the following guidelines for found poetry, or FoPo, to be considered on their ongoing blog site:

1. The original author must not have intended the text to be poetry.
2. The found poem may not be sourced from literary fiction, non-fiction, or poetry. If the author seems to have been intentionally using poetic elements, it does not qualify for our purposes, even if those elements were employed in prose.
3. The original source of the text must be known. Source material may be anonymous, such as graffiti, signage, etc., but all published works must be properly cited.
4. The original text must not be edited by the finder, except by omission, punctuation, or lineation. Finders may cut words and add line breaks, but may not add words or rearrange text.
5. Finders may either choose to leave the poem untitled, or add their own.

Submissions are open, limited only by your own vision to see the poetry.

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