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Pinch Contest Winners

The Fall 2012 issue of The Pinch features a section dedicated to the University of New Orleans Creative Writing Contest. Winners receive full tuition and housing at the Writing Workshops in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Kiki Whang: “What You Need to Know About Missing Persons”

Jill Frischhertz: “Sleep is Not an Option”

Creative Nonfiction

Anne Royan “Ten Thousand Things”

These pieces are included in the issue as well as “an interview on story craft and character development with the always spectacular Bobbie Ann Mason,” say the editors. “We’re also serving up incredible poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction from Roxane Gay, Michael Croley, Nicholas Wong, Christine Stewart, Meg Cowen, Ray McManus, Raymond Fleischmann, Christopher Kempf, Eireann Lorsung, David Roderick, Daniel Browne, William Lusk Coppage, Jax Peters Lowell, Derek Palacio, Susan Gubernat, John Vanderslice, Allison Campbell, Maria Rapoport, Traci Brimhall, Charlotte Boulay, James Crizer, Bryce Emley, Mark Jay Brewin, Jr., Helen Phillips, Brad Henderson, Harold Whit Williams, Ira Sukrungruang, Elizabeth O’Brien, Anthony Opal, Tim Hayes, Sydney Lea, and Tory Adkisson. . . . The Fall issue also features stunning visual art from Maysey Craddock, Amy Lind, Dan Ball, and Marie Porterfield.”

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